Low Pay Commission consults on national minimum wage

Close date: 7 June 2019

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) consults on the national minimum wage to assist it in compiling its report for the Government on future upratings of the national minimum wage. In particular, it is seeking evidence on the viability of the stated target of the national living wage of 60% of median earnings by 2020, which on the current forecast would be £8.67. It is also seeking views on the impact of increases in the national living wage since its introduction on workers, employers, the labour market and the economy, and on how the economic outlook is affected by the process of leaving the EU.

For the other minimum wage rates, for those aged under 25 and apprentices, it is seeking evidence on the impact of the national minimum wage rates on employment prospects. It is particularly interested to hear evidence on the impact of the rates on the job prospects of young workers and on how widely the rate for workers aged 21 to 24 is used.

The consultation also explores issues around compliance and enforcement, including: whether or not the national living wage has affected compliance and enforcement; the quality and accessibility of the official guidance on the national minimum wage; and what more could be done to improve compliance.

Finally, the LPC seeks views on the accommodation offset, such as the extent to which it is protecting low-paid workers and what, if any, difference increases in the rate since 2013 have made to the provision of accommodation.

Consultation document: Low Pay Commission consultation 2019
Consultation outcome: Low Pay Commission report 2019