2012 Olympics volunteers: overview

We provide an overview of employers' obligations in relation to employees who volunteer for the London 2012 Olympics. 

Employees who wish to be 2012 Olympics volunteers will need to make a commitment that is likely to impact on their employer. 


The XpertHR policies and documents section includes a number of model documents on volunteering including a Policy on staff volunteering for the Olympic Games and a Volunteering agreement contract clause. 

Our weekly dilemma article, Annual leave and the 2012 Olympics, concerns an employer that is worried about how it will handle holiday requests from staff to attend the 2012 Olympics. 

Expanding employer-supported volunteering looks at whether or not the Conservatives' ambition to create the "Big Society" will boost employer-supported volunteering. 

The Time off work section of the XpertHR employment law manual explains the current law on employees' rights in relation to time off.