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  • Take part in our dress and appearance survey

    3 July 2018

    XpertHR is conducting a survey of regulations, policies or guidelines that give employees instructions on standards of dress and/or appearance and we would be grateful for your assistance.

  • Hot weather

    22 June 2018

    Is there a maximum temperature beyond which employees are not expected to work? Should employers relax their dress codes when temperatures are high? Can employees request annual leave at short notice? XpertHR has a range of resources to help employers manage employment issues that may arise during hot weather.

  • Benchmark employee to HR ratios and other key HR metrics

    12 June 2018

    The ratio of employees to HR professionals is a key HR metric. Latest XpertHR Benchmarking research on HR roles and responsibilities provides data on this and a range of other key HR metrics.

  • Take part in our graduate recruitment survey

    5 June 2018

    Take part in this XpertHR Benchmarking survey of graduate recruitment and starting salaries to receive the latest data on how your organisation compares.

  • Employee engagement: Use the World Cup as an opportunity

    4 June 2018

    Taking positive steps to manage the workplace impact of the World Cup - which kicks off on Thursday 14 June 2018 - can have a beneficial effect on employee relations, XpertHR research finds.

  • Coming soon to XpertHR

    Details of selected resources that are due to be published on XpertHR.

  • General Data Protection Regulation

    Updated to include information on our Employment law manual guide on data protection under the GDPR.

  • GDPR: Which policies and documents have been updated?

    Updated with the addition of model documents on redundancy.

  • Disability: Updated good practice guidance

    25 May 2018

    We have updated our good practice guide on disability to reflect current terminology, provide additional guidance on adopting an inclusive approach towards applicants and employees with disabilities, and ensure compliance with the GDPR.

  • Benchmark bonus eligibility and bonus payments

    24 May 2018

    The latest XpertHR data on bonus scheme participation and the level of bonus payments has been added to Benchmarking.

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