Are line managers receiving the right training and support?

Line managers play a central role in implementing HR policies and procedures, but are they up to the task and what support do they need?

  • Improving line managers' capability There has been an increasing trend towards devolvement of responsibility for day-to-day people management issues to line managers over the past few years, yet XpertHR research shows that seven employers in 10 think that line managers are not comfortable having difficult conversations. 


Line manager training survey 2010: HR wants compulsory training This 2010 survey on people management development reveals significant gaps in training coverage and a broad consensus among HR professionals that line manager training should be compulsory. 

XpertHR absence initiatives survey 2010: role of line managers is key Employers that are actively tackling sickness absence achieve an average reduction in lost working time of 30%, and the involvement of line managers is key to success, according to XpertHR research. 

Return-to-work interviews survey 2010: line managers' effectiveness The return-to-work interview is a well-established tool, but its efficacy stands or falls according to the competence and confidence of line managers. 

Managing underperformance 2011 survey: line managers' role The success of an organisation's ability to deter poor performance and boost effective performance among employees depends upon the role played by line managers, according to our survey of 165 employers.