Benchmarking internal communications: formal strategies bring success

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Internal communications are significantly more likely to be both successful and effective if supported by a formal communications strategy, according to 2010 benchmarking research from IRS for XpertHR. 

The IRS/XpertHR Benchmarking survey on absence is based on responses from 109 employers with a combined workforce of 411,415 employees. 

In addition to detailed analysis of the internal communications media used by UK employers, the survey also provides extensive benchmarking data on: internal communications methods used; how internal communications are used in managing major organisational change programmes; and the role played by social media in internal communications. 

Subscribers to XpertHR Benchmarking can drill down into the complete benchmarking data from the 2010 survey of internal communications

XpertHR Benchmarking subscribers can click on the links to access full benchmarking data on each of the following key findings, then apply filters where necessary to view data by sector, organisation size, and/or region:

The above findings represent selected highlights from the survey data. Through XpertHR Benchmarking, you can access the complete data from this survey, and use the unique range of interactive features to create and download bespoke reports on internal communications (and a wide range of other topics). 

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