Best practice on working time and work-life balance

To coincide with the TUC's 'Work your Proper Hours' day, we present a selection of links to our extensive resources on managing working time and work-life balance .

Dealing with the long hours culture

  • Are long hours worth it?   By Kevin White and Jim Whittam, consultants with Working Time Solutions, writing in Personnel Today.

  • Guidance issued on tackling long hours culture    XpertHR reports.

    Managing working time and work-life balance issues

  • Hours of work and Rest breaks and rest periods    XpertHR's employment law reference manual provides guidance on hours of work and rest breaks and rest periods.

  • How to manage working time and How to manage requests for flexible working  Practical guidance from XpertHR's How to service.

  • Weighing up the health impact of the working time opt-out    Alan Osborn assesses the workplace health implications of the UK's opt-out from the 48-hour working week, including its impact on stress.

  • Working time: the case law    XpertHR's case law reports service rounds up what the courts have said about working time.

  • Work-life balance does not affect productivity    Progressive work-life balance practices neither harm nor improve productivity, according to a new international study of manufacturing firms undertaken by the Centre for Economic Performance.

  • Work-life success    A selection of links to a wide array of articles on work-life balance from the XpertHR archive.

    Paying for overtime

  • Basic pay and overtime    From XpertHR's employment law reference manual.

  • Managing working time: Long hours and overtime    From the Personnel Today Management Resources one stop guide to managing working time.

    Work your Proper Hours Day (24 February 2006)

  • WorkSMART: Work your Proper Hours Day    Visit the official campaign website, part of the TUC's WorkSMART initiative.

  • TUC launches interactive test to root out long-hours culture , TUC urges all UK staff to leave work on time
  • , Almost half of all staff want to work fewer hours, TUC's proper hours campaign fails to solve underlying problem and Managers top the unpaid overtime league table   Personnel Today and report on the TUC campaign.


    Best practice on rest breaks    With new research suggesting the average UK lunch break has shrunk to 19 minutes 42 seconds, Greg Campbell of Faegre & Benson explains why employers should be aware of workers' rights to rest breaks.

    Time to move beyond work-life balance    Work-life balance as a principle failed women, and particularly mothers, far more savagely than it failed men, argues Stephen Overell.