Driving disqualifications: New model letters on redeployment or dismissal

XpertHR's Policies and documents tool has been enhanced with the addition of six new model letters covering the redeployment or dismissal of an employee who is disqualified from driving where this forms a part of his or her job duties.

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Task > Manage the situation where an employee has been disqualified from driving

In this scenario, the employer should meet with the employee to consider the options available, which include redeploying him or her in an alternative role for the duration of the driving ban.

It may be fair to dismiss the employee, depending on how integral driving is to the job, the length of the ban, and the availability of alternative work during the ban.

In any event, employers must ensure that an adequate procedure is followed. This includes consulting the employee before any decision to redeploy him or her is made and following a fair procedure, including an appeal stage, before dismissing an employee because of a driving disqualification.

The six additions to the Policies and documents tool are as follows: