Employment law manual updates: Disability discrimination

Updates to the Disability discrimination section of the Employment law manual include information on cases relating to medical evidence, discrimination arising from disability and the duty to make reasonable adjustments.

  • Brighton v Tesco Stores Ltd EAT/0165/15 - the issue was whether or not the employment tribunal had failed to take into account medical evidence when it considered if the employee's disability may have caused or contributed to the behaviour that resulted in his dismissal.
  • Risby v London Borough of Waltham Forest EAT/0318/15 - the question was whether or not the employee's dismissal for using racist language arose "in consequence of" disability and, therefore, amounted to discrimination arising from disability.
  • Carreras v United First Partners Research EAT/0266/15 - the Employment Appeal Tribunal was asked to consider if an "expectation" that an employee work late can constitute a provision, criterion or practice triggering the duty to make reasonable adjustments.