Good practice guidance on bullying

The latest addition to the XpertHR good practice manual explores: how to create a workplace culture that minimises the risk of bullying; what employers can do to encourage people to report instances of bullying; and how to deal with complaints of bullying. 

  • Good practice: Bullying This good practice guide covers: the business case for eliminating bullying; how to create a culture where employees respect and behave appropriately towards one another; reporting procedures for bullying, including formal and informal approaches; how to investigate bullying complaints; disciplinary proceedings and rehabilitating the bully; and rehabilitation for victims of bullying. 


Line manager briefing on bullying and harassment This line manager briefing covers the topic of bullying and harassment and aims to provide guidance on what managers should do to reduce the likelihood of incidents of bullying and harassment and deal effectively with any complaints of bullying or harassment that may arise. 

Policy on investigating claims of bullying and harassment Use this model policy to set out the procedure that will be used to investigate a complaint or suspicion of bullying or harassment. 

How to deal with bullying and harassment: 2012 XpertHR survey Read the key findings from the 2012 XpertHR survey on bullying and harassment.