Induction considered most crucial part of an employee's training

Induction provides an important opportunity for employers to engage with employees from the start of their employment. However, a quarter of respondents to our survey on induction say that it is seen as a "very low" priority in their organisation. 


XpertHR induction survey 2010: success factors and challenges This accompanying report on the 2010 induction survey looks at the factors that contribute to successful induction and the issues that hamper its success. 

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Recruitment: line manager briefing on induction This XpertHR line manager briefing examines the subject of induction for new employees, including information on its purpose, the content of the programme, and related equality of opportunity issues. 

Employment law reference manual chapter on induction The XpertHR reference manual sets out the basic requirements for induction and any associated legal issues. 

How e-learning can boost sales and improve employee retention This article outlines how Sky's "Get up to speed" e-learning portal reduced the broadcaster's staff induction time by one week and improved retention and performance among new joiners.