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Reward specialists at XpertHR present their settlement summary table, together with detailed reports of recent pay reviews. 


Recent pay reports:
BMW Hams Hall
Department of Health
Highways Agency
Steeplejacks and lightning conductor fitters
Royal Mail
Ministry of Defence non-industrial staff
Building and Allied Trades JIC
Southern Housing Group
CHS Group
Friends Provident
John Lewis
Schoolteachers in Scotland
Ford Motor Company 
Refractory industry
Printing industry
Health and Safety Executive
Thermal insulation industry 
Flat glass industry
Commercial theatre
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (for former DIUS staff)
Scottish Prison Service
Engineering construction industry
Plumbing industry 
Electrical contracting industry
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (for former BERR staff)
Brother Industries
Telegraph Group
Sixth-form colleges support staff
BMW plant, Hams Hall 
Corrugated packaging industry
Family Mosaic

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Recent settlement summaries:
Pay review update: 8 October 2010
Pay review update: 24 September 2010
Pay review update: 3 September 2010
Pay review update: 20 August 2010
Pay review update: 6 August 2010
Pay review update: 23 July 2010
Pay review update: 9 July 2010
Pay review update: 11 June 2010
Pay review update: 28 May 2010
Pay review update: 23 April 2010
Pay review update: 19 March 2010
Pay review update: 5 March 2010
Pay review update: 19 February 2010
Pay review update: 5 February 2010
Pay review update: 22 January 2010
Pay review update: 8 January 2010

Settlement summaries archives:
Pay review update 2009
Pay review update 2008
Pay review update 2007
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Pay review update 2005
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