Low Pay Commission consults on the national minimum wage

The Low Pay Commission is consulting on the operation of the national minimum wage. 

Following the Government's publication on 14 June 2012 of its remit for the Low Pay Commission’s 2013 report on the national minimum wage, the Commission has launched a consultation seeking views on the operation of the minimum wage. The Government asked the Commission to continue to monitor, evaluate and review the national minimum wage rates and make recommendations. The Government also invited the Commission to focus on: the youth employment sector (with particular emphasis on apprenticeships); the Regulations relating to the accommodation offset; and whether or not the Regulations that relate to salaried workers can be simplified. 

The Commission is consulting on the areas covered by the Government's remit as part of its evidence-gathering process. The consultation seeks views on, among other matters:

  • the impact of the national minimum wage on employers and workers;
  • the impact of the national minimum wage on young people and their employment prospects in particular;
  • at what level the adult minimum wage rate should be set for October 2013;
  • whether or not respondents have problems understanding or operating the rules on salaried workers;
  • whether or not the government guidance on salaried workers is easy to understand;
  • the extent to which the accommodation offset has protected low-paid workers; and
  • the enforcement regime. 

The consultation closes on 17 September 2012 and the Commission is due to report back to the Government by the end of February 2013. 


The XpertHR employment law manual sets out the law on the national minimum wage