Where employers draw the line on workplace relationships

Employers are most likely to intervene in workplace relationships where employees display overt sexual behaviour or embark on a love affair, or if a manager has a relationship with a subordinate, according to XpertHR research. 


Workplace relationships policy and impact: 2012 XpertHR survey Almost all (97%) of the 200 organisations in our survey had at least one type of personal relationship existing between employees at their workplace at the time of responding. 

Ways to improve workplace relationships strategy: 2012 XpertHR survey This anonymous, sector-based table includes comments from HR respondents on how their organisation's workplace relationship strategy could be improved, and shows which employers have a formal policy. 

Line manager briefing on managing personal relationships at work This line manager briefing examines the subject of managing personal relationships at work and includes reference to romantic and family relationships between work colleagues. 

Policy on personal relationships at work Use this model policy to set out your organisation's views on personal relationships at work.