Employment law cases

Burton and Rhule v De Vere Hotels [1996] IRLR 596 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Race discrimination: Employer liable for third-party harassment

    15 November 1996

    In Burton and Rhule v De Vere Hotels, the EAT holds that an employer "subjected" its employees to unlawful race discrimination when it allowed a speaker and guests at its hotel to abuse and harass them racially, in circumstances in which it had sufficient control over the discriminatory event so as to have been able to prevent or reduce the extent of it by applying good employment practice.

  • Direct liability for harassment

    1 November 1996

    In Burton v De Vere Hotels (18 September 1996), the EAT rules that an employer subjects an employee to the detriment of racial harassment if it causes or permits the racial harassment to occur in circumstances in which it can control whether it happens or not.