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Equal opportunities policies: health (Scotland)

Updating author: Julie Steele


  • Under the Equality Act 2010, NHS employers in Scotland are under a duty to have due regard to the need to prevent unlawful discrimination. (See Public sector equality duty)
  • The Equality Team NHS Scotland works to ensure equality of opportunity for all NHS Scotland users and its workforce. (See Equality Team - NHS Scotland)
  • Resources, advice and guidance on issues related to health in the workplace are provided by Healthy Working Lives. (See Healthy Working Lives)
  • A diversity appraisal resource guide is available with regard to the employment of nurses. (See Diversity appraisal for nurses)
  • The General Medical Council has produced guidance on equal opportunities and diversity issues. (See Valuing diversity - guidance for doctors)
  • Fair for All is an NHS Scotland initiative that aims to eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity for everyone. (See Fair for All)
  • The Partnership Information Network policy on gender-based violence offers guidance to managers on dealing with issues around gender-based violence. (See Gender-based violence)
  • The Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists has produced guidance on avoiding sexual orientation discrimination. (See Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists)
  • Guidance is available highlighting best practice in the employment of disabled people.(See Looking beyond labels)
  • Guidance on employing people with mental health problems is available. (See Mental health)