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Termination of employment: key differences in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Updating author: Max Winthrop, consultant editor (Scotland): Gillian MacLellan, consultant editor (Northern Ireland): Jonathan Simpson

Future developments

Scotland: On 31 March 2017, the Scottish Government published a consultation: A severance policy for Scotland. The consultation sought views on whether or not the rules surrounding exit payments in the devolved public sector in Scotland should be reformed, "in particular through the introduction of an exit payment cap, recovery of exit payments and changing exit payment terms". The consultation closed on 23 June 2017. The consultation follows the UK Government's commitment to introduce various reforms to public-sector exit payments, including a cap of £95,000 and repayment obligations in certain circumstances (see Future developments in Redundancy rights for further information). The UK Government proposals do not extend to payments made by Scottish public sector employers, with the exception of payments made by the Scottish Administration to holders of non-ministerial offices in the administration, or to staff of the administration who are covered by the draft regulations.

Northern Ireland: There are no future developments specific to Northern Ireland.