Can an employer dock the pay of an employee who has arrived at work late the morning after the company Christmas party?

If an employer wishes to be able to make deductions from employees' pay in the event that they turn up for work late the morning after the company Christmas party, it should include the right to do this in its contracts of employment. An alternative would be to ensure that the employees in question have, in advance of the party, signed a separate document that clearly indicates their agreement to a quantifiable deduction being made in these specific circumstances.

Another possible course of action for the employer would be for it to make it clear to staff in advance of the Christmas party that disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who fails to turn up, or turns up late, the day after the Christmas party and there is reason to believe that the non-attendance/lateness is due to over-consumption of alcohol. It is also advisable for employers to make sure that plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks are available at the party itself.