Can an employer insist that an employee return to work from adoption leave on a particular day of the week, where the child is adopted from within the UK?

No. Employees are entitled to take a total of 52 weeks' adoption leave, comprising 26 weeks' ordinary adoption leave and 26 weeks' additional adoption leave. Provided that he or she complies with the notice requirements for commencing adoption leave, an employee who adopts a child from within the UK can choose when he or she starts the leave period (so long as it is the date of placement or a fixed date no earlier than 14 days before the expected date of placement and no later than the expected date of placement). The start date of adoption leave will normally dictate the due date of return, which will be the day following the expiry of the 52-week adoption leave period.

If the employee wishes to return to work earlier than the end of the additional adoption leave period, he or she can choose the return date, provided that he or she gives the employer at least eight weeks' notice.