Can an employer require a term-time worker to work on certain days in the school holidays?

Whether or not a term-time worker can be required to carry out work during the school holidays depends on what has been agreed. The employer and employee should discuss this when the term-time working arrangement is set up. It may be that the employee would welcome the opportunity to take on some extra work during the holidays and there may be some days when the employer needs the employee to be at work. The term-time worker's contract should be clear as to whether they are obliged to accept work if requested by the employer or if any additional hours are voluntary.

If the employee is obliged to accept additional work as required by the employer, the contract should set out the notice that the employer must give the employee of any such work. It should also specify any restriction on the number or timing of days that the employee can be required to work during the holidays.

There should be a clear agreement as to how much the employee will be paid if they work additional hours during the school holidays.