Can employees on shared parental leave take keeping-in-touch days?

Yes, employers and employees can agree up to 20 "shared-parental-leave-in-touch" (SPLIT) days during shared parental leave without bringing the leave to an end. These can be used either to undertake work or, for instance, to attend meetings, team events or training. SPLIT days can be taken as single days or in blocks of days.

Both parents have up to 20 SPLIT days each. This is in addition to the 10 keeping-in-touch days available to the mother or primary adopter during maternity leave or adoption leave. The SPLIT days allocation cannot be shared between the parents.

Once the SPLIT days have been used up, if the employee carries out any further work for the organisation during the shared parental leave period, they will lose entitlement to statutory shared parental pay for the week in which they worked.