Do the auto-enrolment provisions affect employers that already provide their employees with access to a pension scheme?

Yes. Employers with an existing pension scheme need to consider whether or not they wish to use this for automatic enrolment and, if they do, if it meets the qualifying scheme criteria. If an employer's existing pension scheme is not a qualifying scheme, it must either make changes to the existing scheme or use a different scheme.

Employers with eligible jobholders who are already members of an existing pension scheme that meets the qualifying scheme criteria will not have an automatic enrolment duty for these workers but will have to provide them with certain specified information. The employer will have a duty to auto-enrol any existing eligible jobholders who are not already members of the scheme and any eligible jobholders who join the organisation after the staging date. Therefore, even if it is not necessary for the employer to make changes to the scheme itself, it will have to introduce procedures for enrolling newly-eligible jobholders (such as new workers) into the scheme automatically.