How should an employer respond if an employee's maternity leave is triggered by a pregnancy-related reason?

An employee's maternity leave will be triggered if they are absent from work in the four weeks before their expected week of childbirth for a pregnancy-related reason, such as a pregnancy-related illness or suspension on medical grounds.

In these circumstances, the maternity leave will commence on the day following the first day after the beginning of the fourth week before the expected week of childbirth on which they are absent for this reason.

The employee is required to inform the employer as soon as reasonably practicable of their absence for a pregnancy-related reason and the date on which it began. The notice must be in writing if the employer so requests.

The employer must write to the employee confirming the new end date of their maternity leave. It must do this within 28 days of receiving the employee's notification that they are absent for a pregnancy-related reason.