How should terms on hours of work be set out in a contract of employment?

The worker's normal hours of work and the days of the week they are required to work must be set out in the written particulars. Where the individual does not have normal working hours, this should instead be specified, along with information on how their working hours or days may be varied and how this will be determined. If the worker is to be required to work overtime, this too should be stipulated in the written particulars.

Annualised hours contracts require particular care in drafting, as the questions of payment once the annual hours have been exhausted and whether periods of sickness absence and holiday come out of the contracted hours must be addressed. It may be a good idea for the employer to include a flexibility clause authorising it to change the employee's hours to meet future business needs, and in this case it is clearly sensible for it to include authority to change the employee's rate of pay in the event that hours are altered.