If a job candidate is unable to attend an interview on the date or at the time proposed by the employer, is the employer obliged to rearrange the interview to suit the candidate's requirements?

Whether or not the employer should reschedule an interview for a candidate who is unable to attend on the date and time given depends on why they cannot attend. An employer must ensure that it does not unlawfully discriminate against job applicants in the arrangements that it makes for deciding to whom to offer employment, and this will include the date and time of the interview. For example, the refusal to reschedule an interview may constitute indirect sex discrimination where the candidate cannot attend because of childcare commitments.

An employer is also under a specific obligation to make reasonable adjustments to any provision, criterion or practice that places a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with non-disabled persons. The duty to make reasonable adjustments may include rescheduling the interview, for example where it conflicts with a medical appointment.