Is an employer required to deal with a grievance raised by an ex-employee?

No. Grievance procedures should focus on resolving disputes with employees. A former employee might have a dispute with his or her ex-employer that could form the basis of tribunal or court proceedings, and the employer may feel that it is appropriate to engage in dialogue with the individual in the hope of resolving the issue. However, this does not require the use of a formal grievance procedure with a right of appeal.

Further, the way in which the discussions are handled will not affect the outcome of the case. For example, if an employee has resigned and is claiming constructive dismissal, the question will be whether or not the resignation was the result of a fundamental breach of contract by the employer before the resignation. How the employer behaves after the resignation - for example by refusing to meet the employee or discuss his or her complaint - will not affect the question of whether or not there was a constructive dismissal.