Is an employer required to pay employees who cannot make it into work because of severe weather conditions?

Unless the employer has contractually promised to provide transport for employees to and from their place of work, the onus is on the employees to get to work regardless of the severity of the weather conditions. The responsibility for employees getting to work does not lie with the employer. If employees fail to turn up for work in these circumstances, the employer is under no obligation to pay them.

If an employee's normal mode of transport cannot be used because of disruption due to severe weather conditions the employer should first encourage the employee to explore alternative means of safe transport. The employer may wish to consider whether the employee could usefully work from home until the weather situation has improved. If this is not a viable option, the alternatives available are for the employer to advise employees that any time off work in these circumstances will be unpaid, or paid on a discretionary basis but only in exceptional cases. Another option is that employees can request to take the time off as paid annual leave.