Is the spouse or partner of a pregnant woman entitled to time off work to attend scans and other antenatal appointments?

Yes, an employee who is a prospective father, or the spouse, civil partner or partner of a pregnant woman, can take unpaid time off to attend up to two antenatal appointments.

The employee has a statutory right to take up to six and a half hours off for each appointment, but employers can decide to allow more time than this.

The employer cannot ask for evidence of the appointment but can ask the employee for a signed declaration (which could be in electronic form) confirming:

  • that they are:
    • the expectant mother's spouse, civil partner or partner, or
    • the child's father;
  • that the purpose of the time off is to accompany the expectant mother to an antenatal appointment;
  • that the appointment in question is made on the advice of a registered medical practitioner, registered midwife or registered nurse; and
  • the date and time of the appointment.