Must an employee's employment particulars be provided in one document?

Certain information about an employee's employment must be provided in a single document, known as the principal statement. This is part of the written statement of particulars. The principal statement must include:

  • the names of the employer and employee;
  • the date when the employment began;
  • the date when the employee's period of continuous service began;
  • the scale or rate of remuneration and the method of calculating it;
  • the intervals at which remuneration occurs;
  • any terms and conditions relating to hours of work;
  • entitlement to holiday including public holidays and holiday pay;
  • the employee's job title or a brief description of his or her work; and
  • the place of work or, where the employee works at various places, an indication of this and the employer's address.

Other terms that must be included in the written statement of particulars, such as those relating to notice periods and pensions, can be delivered in instalments, but must still be provided within two months of the start of employment.