Must keeping-in-touch days be taken in a block, or can they be taken as separate days?

Keeping-in-touch days are a matter for agreement between employer and employee. During maternity leave or adoption leave, the employee may carry out up to 10 days' work for their employer without bringing the leave period to an end. Employees on shared parental leave are entitled to work up to 20 days (in addition to any keeping-in-touch days they take during maternity or adoption leave) without their statutory leave or pay being affected. The parties may agree that the employee does only one keeping-in-touch day or a few keeping-in-touch days. There is no requirement that the keeping-in-touch days be taken as a block. For example, an employee taking 12 months' maternity leave may agree with their employer that they will attend a number of monthly team meetings, which would inevitably fall on non-consecutive dates.