Under the vetting and barring scheme, what constitutes "regulated activity" in relation to vulnerable adults?

Part 2 of sch.4 to the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 defines regulated activity in relation to vulnerable adults.

A vulnerable adult is any adult (ie a person aged 18 or above) in relation to whom regulated activities are carried out. In other words, adults are regarded as vulnerable adults if they require regulated activities to be provided on their behalf at that particular time.

Regulated activities include:

  • activities that involve the provision of healthcare to an adult by or under the direction or supervision of a healthcare professional;
  • the provision of relevant personal care to an adult (eg physical assistance with, prompting of or training, instruction, advice or guidance in relation to, eating drinking, toileting, washing and dressing);
  • the provision of social work to an adult;
  • the provision of assistance with general household matters to an adult (namely managing cash, paying bills and shopping);
  • the conduct of an adult's affairs (eg through a power of attorney); and
  • the transportation of adults where this is necessary because of their age, illness or disability.

There is no longer a requirement for the activity to be carried out frequently or intensively.

Activities that regularly involve the day-to-day management or supervision of persons carrying out the above are also regulated activities.

Regulated activity does not include family or personal arrangements.