What are the procedures for taking ordinary parental leave?

Employers can agree procedures relating to taking ordinary parental leave by including them in a collective or workforce agreement. If there is no collective or workforce agreement incorporated into an employee's contract of employment, the statutory fallback provisions will apply.

Under the statutory fallback procedure, ordinary parental leave must be taken in blocks of multiples of one week up to a maximum of four weeks in any year. If asked, employees must provide documentary evidence confirming entitlement. They must also give at least 21 days' notice of the dates on which they wish to take ordinary parental leave. Parents wishing to take ordinary parental leave from the date of a child's birth or adoption must specify the week in which the birth or placement is expected and the start date and the duration of the intended period of leave.

An employer may postpone a requested period of ordinary parental leave for up to six months except if the period of ordinary parental leave is intended to begin on the day the child is born or placed for adoption, in which case there can be no postponement.