What is a term-time worker?

A term-time worker generally works only during school terms. Term-time only contracts are used to accommodate employees' childcare responsibilities during school holidays, as well as for staff who work in schools.Term-time workers typically work 39 weeks a year, but the exact arrangement is for agreement between the parties. For example, the employee could work during half-term holidays but not during the longer school holidays.

The employee will usually be paid their annual salary in regular monthly or weekly equal instalments over the year. Alternatively, they could be paid during term time only, based on the number of hours worked, with periods during which they receive no pay.

Where an employee is paid in equal instalments over the year, if the contract begins part way through a year, the employer will have to calculate pro rated equal payments to account for this. Where the contract ends part way through a year, the employer will have to adjust the employee's final payment to ensure that they have been paid for the days that they have worked up to the termination.

A term-time worker's continuity of service remains unbroken during the school holidays, by agreement with the employer.