What is the time limit for appealing against the decision of an employment tribunal?

There is a 42-day time limit for appealing an employment tribunal decision to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The time limit usually starts from when the written employment tribunal decision was sent to the parties (not when it was received by them). However, if a party requested written reasons for the decision orally at the employment tribunal hearing, or in writing within 14 days of the decision being sent out, or if the tribunal reserved its reasons and subsequently sent them to the parties, the 42-day time limit runs from the date the written reasons were sent out (not the date the decision itself was sent). Delays in the post do not extend the time limit.

For an appeal to be accepted, all the relevant documents, and not just the notice of appeal, must arrive before 4pm on the final day. If the decision (or written reasons) were sent on, for example, a Monday, the final day for submission of the appeal will be the Monday six weeks later. These rules are very strictly enforced.