What should an employer do if an employee retracts a grievance?

If an employee retracts a grievance, the employer should ask why they have done so. The employer should reassure the employee that the grievance will be treated seriously and that it will not lead to the employee being treated less favourably.

If the employee has concerns about the person who is the subject of the grievance, for example if they are being bullied by a colleague, the employer should advise the employee that any intimidation resulting from the grievance will be dealt with as a serious disciplinary issue. It should discuss with the employee whether or not there are steps that could be taken to enable them to pursue the grievance, for example ensuring that they do not come into contact with the colleague while the grievance is investigated, or ensuring that any allegations are put to the colleague on an anonymous basis.

It is ultimately up to the employee as to whether or not to pursue the grievance. If they do retract it, the employer could decide to follow up on the issues raised, for example by using its disciplinary procedure to investigate allegations of misconduct by another employee.