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WHEN: Thursday 16 July 11am (BST)
SPEAKER: Max Winthrop, partner and head of the employment team at Short Richardson & Forth

While employers have concentrated on protecting their businesses and the mechanics of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme in recent months, it's imperative that you do not unwittingly fall foul of discrimination law. You will be making many decisions over the coming months and your decision-making processes must be free from discrimination and be able to stand up to scrutiny. Max Winthrop, partner and head of the employment law team at Short, Richardson & Forth, will guide us through the current maze of discrimination law, and provide practical advice on what you need to bear in mind when making decisions on workforce matters, such as who to bring back from furlough, reasonable adjustments to working arrangements, flexible working requests, or selecting employees for redundancy.

This one-hour live webinar includes a Q&A session.


WHEN: Thursday 30 July 11am (BST)
SPEAKER: Darren Newman, employment lawyer and trainer

This one-hour live webinar includes a Q&A session.


WHEN: Thursday 6 August 11am (BST)
SPEAKERS: Sheila Attwood, XpertHR's managing editor, pay and HR practice, and Ed Cronin, research manager in charge of XpertHR's employee reward, gender pay gap and data science activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the 2020 pay round into confusion and the UK economy into hibernation. We review the key trends in the UK economy and cover pay awards, inflation rates and other important factors. We also include the latest thinking on the impact of the pandemic and the outlook for the future.

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WHEN: Friday 5 June 11am (BST)
SPEAKERS: Jo Broadbent, counsel knowledge lawyer, and Matthew Towers, senior associate, both from Hogan Lovells

By the end of May, one million employers had collectively furloughed 8.4 million jobs at a cost of 15 billion pounds. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is set to run in its current form until the end of July but important changes will take effect from the beginning of August; furloughed staff will be able to work part-time and employers will be asked to make a contribution towards their salaries.

Jo Broadbent and Matthew Towers guide you through the changes to the scheme as well as other furlough-related issues with which employers are struggling. We explore, among other things, the impact of furlough on annual leave, notice pay, redundancy pay, and the factors that employers need to bear in mind when transitioning employees from furlough to redundancy or back to work.

This one-hour long webinar includes a Q&A session.


WHEN: Thursday 18 June 11am (BST)
SPEAKER: Darren Newman, employment lawyer and trainer

Many employers will be faced with the possibility of carrying out redundancies over the coming weeks and months. With limited time to prepare and financial pressures mounting, carrying out a collective consultation process in the current environment may be a daunting prospect. Processes that were familiar and well tested in the past are now operating against the backdrop of the furlough scheme.

In this webinar, Darren Newman, employment lawyer, navigates you through the law on carrying out a collective redundancy exercise and offers you practical guidance on how to adapt this to the "new normal" including: understanding when the obligation to consult collectively is triggered; the special circumstances defence; consulting with a remote workforce; and how the existence of the furlough scheme may influence the process.

This one-hour live webinar includes a Q&A session.


WHEN: Thursday 2 July 11am (BST)
SPEAKER: Victoria Lewis, chief executive at byrne-dean training

Working during this first phase of COVID-19 was tough, but straightforward given what lies ahead. The next phase is potentially more uncertain and more challenging for leaders and HR professionals - strategically, operationally and emotionally. Victoria Lewis, CEO at byrne-dean, takes us through those challenges and outlines measures to address them, while also incorporating and retaining the many benefits that have emerged.

This one-hour long webinar includes a Q&A session.

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