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Developing employee performance (3): Feedback and appraisals

Authors: Colin Lamb, Susan Earle and Susan McRoberts

XpertHR editor: Bar Huberman


In this guide to performance development, we explore how to establish a feedback culture and an appraisal system that employees will engage with and that make a clear contribution to improving performance. This is the third guide in our series on developing employee performance:


  • Organisations with a regular feedback culture report better engagement levels and stronger performance than those that do not have an established feedback culture. (See Why is it so important to create a feedback culture?)
  • To be effective, feedback needs to strike the right balance. (See What is good feedback?)
  • An effective appraisal (or performance review) process can play a big role in developing employees' performance. There is no one size fits all, but many factors can help to make sure it is effective and that people engage with it. (See Appraisals)