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Investors in People

Author: Tara Daynes


  • Investors in People (IiP) is an organisation that supports employers in transforming business performance through their people, by helping them to develop a people strategy, implement the people strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of the people strategy. It works according to a framework of good practice known as the "Standard". (See What is Investors in People?)
  • Organisations that work with the IiP Standard report significant organisational benefits. (See Benefits of working with the Standard)
  • Employers can use the IiP framework in a way that suits their needs. They can apply for accreditation or simply work with IiP. (See How Investors in People works)
  • Employers can choose to work towards a wider framework in addition to the core Standard. Both frameworks are based on evidence requirements that organisations must meet to obtain accreditation. (See The Standard and beyond - different levels of accreditation)
  • With the help of IiP, an organisation should identify the business issues on which to focus and the areas of the IiP framework that can help it to achieve its aims. (See Deciding on areas of focus)
  • The way in which the organisation works towards the Standard is not prescriptive, but there are actions that can help it to meet the Standard. (See Working towards the Standard)
  • IiP offers tools, workshops and publications to enable organisations to progress in their own way towards the Standard. It can train employees to have specific IiP responsibilities. (See Obtaining help)
  • Organisations wishing to undertake an assessment against the Standard will work with a "specialist". The specialist will gather evidence primarily through interviews. (See The assessment process)
  • IiP undertakes an assessment every three years to ensure that accredited organisations are still meeting the requirements of the Standard. (See Further assessments)
  • Once an organisation has achieved accreditation, it can use this to enhance the employer brand. It should seek to build on its achievements prior to the next assessment. (See Achievement of the Standard)
  • An organisation that fails to obtain accreditation will be supported by IiP to enable it to make improvements. (See Not meeting the Standard)
  • IiP adheres to confidentiality requirements in relation to information about employees obtained during an assessment. (See Confidentiality and data protection)
  • The health and wellbeing good practice framework and award can help employers to improve employee performance through good health and wellbeing practices. (See Health and wellbeing award)
  • The cost of working with IiP will depend on the size of the organisation and the number of evidence requirements it is working towards. (See Cost)
  • IiP has procedures in place to maintain the quality of its frameworks and awards. (See Quality assurance)