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Onboarding (3): Engaging and effective delivery

Author: Debra Cadman


In this guide to onboarding new recruits we explore how to make the onboarding programme come to life through effective and engaging delivery. This is the third guide in our series on onboarding new recruits:


  • Using a variety of delivery methods and matching the method of delivery to the content are just some of the ways to make onboarding engaging and effective. (See Delivery methods for onboarding)
  • There are various guidelines to bear in mind when onboarding remote employees to make sure the programme is just as effective and engaging as for in-person recruits. (See Virtual onboarding)
  • A strong, appealing employer brand helps to increase new starters' engagement with the organisation during onboarding. (See Employer branding in onboarding)
  • Where HR and line managers involve other relevant colleagues in delivering onboarding this is likely to increase the new recruit's engagement and encourage effective performance in the role. (See Roles and responsibilities during onboarding)