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TUPE: Managing the process

Authors: Jonathan Chamberlain and Kelly Thomson


  • Employers that engage with employees during the transfer of an undertaking are likely to minimise disruption to their business and help to ensure its future success. (See The importance of observing good practice when implementing a transfer)
  • TUPE applies in a wide range of circumstances, including the sale of a business and outsourcing and insourcing transactions. (See Recognising a relevant transfer)
  • Employers should give trade union (or employee) representatives enough information to enable them to participate fully in the consultation process, and they should enter into consultation with an open mind. (See What should employers inform and consult about?)
  • The circumstances of the transfer will dictate when the employer begins informing and consulting employees, but the sooner the process starts, the more likely it is to be meaningful. (See Timing of the information and consultation process)
  • Employers are likely to benefit from helping trade union (or employee) representatives to maximise their contribution to the information and consultation process. (See Trade union and employee representatives)
  • Consultation meetings between transferors and trade union (or employee) representatives are central to the consultation process during a transfer. The transferor should involve the transferee in the process and engage with employees directly. (See The information and consultation forum)
  • Transferees should engage with their existing workforce prior to a transfer. (See Engaging with the transferee's existing employees)
  • Transferors are required to give transferees information about transferring employees. A transferee may benefit from seeking information that exceeds the basic requirements. (See Employee liability information)
  • Following a transfer, the transferee may experience problems arising from managing two sets of employees and terms and conditions. If the transferee intends to dismiss employees, it should take precautions. The transferor should continue to engage with its remaining employees to sustain their morale following the departure of their colleagues. (See Managing employees following the transfer)