Bookmarking resources and searches

You may wish to bookmark a resource in order to be able to return to it quickly, or a useful search to run it again at a later date.

Bookmark a resource

On each resource page, above the "About this resource" panel on the right-hand side, you will find a "star" bookmark icon. Simply click on this, and a "bookmark" or "favourite" box will appear, depending on your browser. The "name" field should automatically be populated with the title of the resource, but this can be amended to a name of your choice.

You can save the resource in an existing bookmarks/favourites folder, or create a new folder to house it.

Bookmark toolbar

bookmark option

Bookmark a search

You may wish to re-run a particularly useful search at a later date. In the top right of each search results page you will find a "bookmark" option. Simply click on this, give your search an appropriate name and save it in your chosen bookmarks/favourites folder.

bokmark search option

Accessing your bookmarks via different devices

Google Chrome: You can synchronise your bookmarks across all devices on which you have the browser installed by signing into Chrome. See Why sign into Chrome for further information.

Firefox: You can use Firefox Sync to synchronise your bookmarks across different devices. See Share bookmarks, tabs and more with your other computers for further information.

Internet Explorer 10: Users of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 with a Microsoft account can synchronise across devices by accessing PC settings > Sync your settings, and opting for browser accessibility to be on.

Safari: You can synchronise bookmarks between devices using Apple's free iCloud service. See the iCloud set-up page for more information.