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To help you get started with your new XpertHR subscription we have created an overview of XpertHR's homepage and a navigational guide, highlighting areas we think will be of use to you.

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Tasks, Topics and Tools give you three ways to access XpertHR resources. You can think of these as different doors to the same information, letting you choose the best way to access what you need. You can read more about each area in this guide.

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Spotlight provides you with highlights of the latest additions to XpertHR.

Hot topics, down the right-hand side of the homepage, showcases popular topics, often related to recent or upcoming legislation changes.

You can also see what content is coming soon to XpertHR with Forthcoming content.

Understanding the difference between Tasks, Topics and Tools


Our expert editors have created more than 500 "Tasks" articles, every one of which collects together XpertHR's most relevant legal, practical and good practice guidance to help you achieve a specific HR task, such as carrying out a disciplinary investigation or responding to a reference request from a prospective employer.

More information on how to use Tasks.

How to use tasks


XpertHR's editors tag every one of our thousands of articles with one or more HR topics, which means you can confidently use the "Topics" menu to find the full range of resources and guidance on hundreds of HR and employment law topics, such as contracts of employment and HR policy and strategy. Our topics system provides you with a way to ensure you are always up to date when new resources are added to XpertHR. It is also a key area for conducting research and helping to build business cases.

More information on how to use Topics.

How to use topics


For your convenience, our editors allocate every article on XpertHR into a specific "Tool" corresponding to the type of information it contains. This means that, if you are looking for a particular type of information or resource - such as a model policy, a "how to" guide, a law report or a line manager briefing - you can get direct access by going straight to the relevant place via the "Tools" menu.

More information on how to use Tools.

How to use tools

There are different ways to navigate to the content you are looking for, including the smart breadcrumb and the search function.

Navigate and search

You can use the categories on the page or the smart breadcrumb to drill down and find the content you need.

You can search all of XpertHR's content or within particular sections of the site, such as Tasks for example. You can also search for articles within a specific tool.

Access tips on using the search function and how to refine your results.

Bookmark an article or search in order to be able to return to it quickly, or to run it again at a later date.

How to navigate using tracked topics

You can also explore more on the topic you are reading by using "Read more items tagged with the same topics" at the bottom of the article. You can add this topic of interest to your email topic alerts by selecting "Manage your tracked topics", so you never miss new articles.

How to navigate topics