How to participate in salary surveys

Why take part?

XpertHR Salary Surveys provides a give-and-get service. For us to provide value to all subscribers, it is important that each subscriber provide their own pay data. In this way everyone shares and everyone benefits.

Organisations that submit data unlock Job Pricing features enabling direct comparisons between their own data and market pay rates. Additionally we can only create bespoke spreadsheet tools for your organisation if we have your data.


We expect subscribers to participate in the surveys to which they subscribe. We will work with you to make this process as easy and productive as possible.

Participation involves completing the spreadsheet questionnaire supplied by XpertHR Salary Surveys in your secure participant portal. You will need to give us demographic information about your organisation and salary data on your employees so that we can create our salary survey reports and applications. We will also create spreadsheets unique to your organisation comparing your data to whole sample data.

Download an example of a spreadsheet questionnaire [sample only, not for use]

XpertHR Salary Surveys provides written guidance notes to help you through this process, and the salary surveys team is available by phone and email to give you all the support and advice you need. We want to help you submit good quality data to ensure you are able to make the best possible use of the service. In particular, XpertHR offers a number of features to make job matching as quick and easy as possible.

Where necessary, we can arrange a site visit. There may be a cost associated with this service.

If you need help, call us on 020 8652 8590 or email

Downloading and uploading spreadsheet questionnaires

Spreadsheet questionnaires are only uploaded and downloaded through the XpertHR Secure participant portal. This is a protected area of the XpertHR website that can only be accessed by users with appropriate credentials

Go to the XpertHR secure participant portal

To download a spreadsheet questionnaire you should go to the secure participant portal and select the appropriate file from the "My data" section of the page. This process is highlighted in the lower red rectangle in the screenshot below.

To upload a completed spreadsheet questionnaire you should go to the secure participant portal, select the appropriate file using the file chooser button and then click on the Upload button. If your organisation has multiple installation codes you will also be required to select the appropriate code when uploading a file.

Job matching

The most challenging aspect of survey participation is often the process of matching your roles to XpertHR's standard job levels and job functions. It is important to get this right so that you know you are comparing your jobs against appropriate roles in the market.

We offer full written guidance, automated job matching features, a job titles wizard and as much support and advice as you need by phone and email to get this right. It often helps if you can supply job descriptions and organisation charts so that we can understand the roles.

If you need help, call us on 020 8652 8590 or email

Job titles wizard

This tool is a collection of common job titles that have been submitted to the salary surveys.

You can enter a job title in the orange box and you will be shown which job level and job function participants have matched the job title to and the number of matches.


Download the complete User Guide in PDF format

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