How to participate in salary surveys

Instructions on how to take part in an XpertHR salary survey.


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We expect subscribers to participate in the surveys to which they subscribe.

Participation involves completing the spreadsheet questionnaire supplied by XpertHR Salary Surveys in your participation pack. You will need to give us demographic information about your organisation and salary data on your employees so that we can create our salary survey reports and applications.

XpertHR Salary Surveys provides written guidance notes to help you through this process, and the salary surveys team is available by phone and email to give you all the support and advice you need. We want to help you submit good quality data to ensure you are able to make the best possible use of the service.

Where necessary, we can arrange a site visit by our participation manager. There may be a cost associated with this service.

If you need help, call us on 020 8652 8590 or email

Job matching

The most challenging aspect of survey participation is often the process of matching your roles to XpertHR's standard job levels and job functions. It is important to get this right so that you know you are comparing your jobs against appropriate roles in the market.

We offer full written guidance, a job titles wizard and as much support and advice as you need by phone and email to get this right. It often helps if you can supply job descriptions and organisation charts so that we can understand the roles.

If you need help, call us on 020 8652 8590 or email


XpertHR takes the security of your data seriously and subscribe fully to the principles of UK data protection legislation.

When you submit data, we ask you not to use personal names or initials to identify individuals covered by the survey, and will reject any data submission which breaks this rule.

Data files containing employee data are password protected and should be exchanged using our secure participant portal - accessed via the "Manage my data" button on the salary surveys homepage - rather than email. Customised reports containing your organisation's data will also be shared with you through the secure participant portal.

No data is published which could lead to the identity of the organisation submitting it or of the individuals concerned being identified.

We ask you to keep your log-in details secure and not to share passwords. In particular, under the terms and conditions of the service, you may not share log-in details with anyone outside your organisation.

Terms and conditions

More information about XpertHR salary survey terms and conditions.

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