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XpertHR Salary Surveys enables you to benchmark the pay and benefits of your staff against market rates. Define the job by seniority and function, refine your selection by location, industry or size of organisation, and see how the salaries you pay compare against employers of similar staff to inform your reward decisions and recommendations.

A subscription to an XpertHR Salary Survey gives you unlimited access to a whole range of data tools for that survey, including all PDF reports, unmetered use of Job Pricing and Excel applications.

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Understanding and using market data

XpertHR Salary Surveys aims to provide data and the tools to understand it in easy-to-use formats that enable you to do your job without the need for expensive reward consultants.

In applying the data, you will need to take into account your organisation's reward strategy and the aims and objectives of your current project.

XpertHR publishes detailed guides on salary surveys including How to use a salary survey.

What salary surveys does XpertHR offer?

XpertHR offers a range of salary surveys covering core business roles, key industries and specialist occupational groups. We are the market leaders in providing salary data for technology staff, the distribution sector, higher education, the voluntary sector and more.

See a full list of our surveys and to find out more about them.

User training

As part of your XpertHR subscription we provide four modules of training:

  • How to participate in an XpertHR Salary Survey
  • How to use survey reports and online tools
  • How to use spreadsheet tools
  • How to job match and bespoke advice (large scale exercises or site visits may be chargeable)

You can take advantage of these sessions at any time during your subscription and they are usually delivered by phone or online.

How to subscribe to an XpertHR salary survey

See a full list of our surveys and to find out how to subscribe.

Terms and conditions

See XpertHR Salary Surveys terms and conditions.


Download the complete User Guide in PDF format

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