Searching across XpertHR

One of the options to help you find the resources you need on XpertHR is our powerful site search. You can choose to search the entire site or search within a specific tool or topic or within Tasks. Use quotation marks if you want to search for an exact phrase.

Search the entire site

To find the resources you need from across the site, type your search term in the "Search entire site" box. As you start to type, the autosuggest functionality will produce a list of suggested search terms. You can either carry on typing your own search term or select one of the suggested search terms.

main search field

Once the search results are displayed, you can refine your search by tool and/or topic - to drill down to the resources you need.

Search within tools/tasks/topics

You can search from within a tool, such as Policies and documents or FAQs, or from within Tasks. You can also search within a topic. Enter a search term in the relevant search box to find the resources you need, refining the results as necessary. You can also expand your search across the entire site.

search field within tool

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