XpertHR mobile website FAQs

How has the XpertHR mobile website changed?

We have released the first wave of enhancements to the XpertHR mobile experience. From now on, when you access XpertHR from your mobile phone or tablet, you will automatically see the new mobile website, which has been optimised for use on smaller screens. We have increased the font size and improved the layout and navigation to make the site more mobile friendly and easier to use while you are on the go. We have also carried out work behind the scenes to help speed up the site on mobile networks.

Why have you made these changes?

Users like yourself told us that they wanted to access XpertHR resources on the go, but that the old website was difficult to use on their mobile phones. We always listen to feedback from our users and are committed to continually improving the XpertHR website.

Which parts of the website have been made mobile friendly?

Most of the website has now been optimised for mobile devices including the homepage, search function and most Tools.

Why is the whole site not mobile friendly yet?

We wanted our users to start benefiting from an improved mobile experience as soon as possible so we are going live with a critical mass of pages completed. Some parts of the site still have the old "desktop" view and you will be shown a notification when you navigate to these. This method has been used by a number of other websites, such as the BBC, when rolling out enhanced mobile experiences.

When will the whole site be finished?

We will continue to make improvements to the mobile site based on input and feedback from our users. There may be some parts of the site where users do not want or need a mobile optimised version.

How different is the new mobile site to the desktop site?

We have kept a consistent look and feel to the desktop site you are familiar with and all of the content is the same. The main differences are in the way you navigate around the site and the layout of the content, where we have made it easier to use and read on smaller screens. There are a few areas of the site that have some reduced functionality and we will continue to keep these under review. We tested a beta version of the site with a group of users and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

What if I prefer to use the desktop site on my mobile phone or tablet?

If you prefer to use the desktop site, then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "View desktop site" in the footer. To go back to the mobile site you will need to clear your cookies as follows:

  • iOS: Open Settings, tap "Safari" then tap "Clear History and Website Data".
  • Android: Open Chrome, tap the menu button, tap "Settings", tap "Privacy" and then tap "Clear browsing data". Check the box for "Cookies and site data" and then tap "Clear data".

Are you planning to create an XpertHR app?

We don't have any plans to create an XpertHR app at the moment but we will continue to keep this under review based on feedback from our users.

How can I add XpertHR to the home screen on my mobile device?

  • iOS: Open XpertHR in Safari, tap the share button on the browser tool bar and then tap the "Add to Home Screen" icon.
  • Android: Open XpertHR in Chrome for Android, tap the menu button and then tap "Add to Home screen".

How can I leave feedback on the new mobile site?

We always welcome feedback from our users, please email feedback@xperthr.co.uk and let us know that it is related to the mobile site. We are also looking for users to participate in future beta tests so do let us know if you are interested in being involved.

Can I log into XpertHR from my desktop computer and my mobile?

Yes, you can log into XpertHR from more than one device but usage is subject to our terms and conditions and passwords must not be shared. We do have systems in place to monitor unauthorised usage.

What types of devices does the mobile site work on?

The mobile site is designed to work across a range of mobile devices, screen sizes, operating systems and browsers. Find out more.