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How to comply with the smoke-free legislation

Author: Tina Jones


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  • Bear in mind the reasons behind the smoke-free legislation.
  • Determine if your premises are required to be smoke free, taking into account that there are only a few exemptions.
  • If your premises are exempt, ensure that any designated smoking rooms meet the requirements set out in the legislation.
  • Determine if your work vehicles and company cars are required to be smoke free.
  • Display no-smoking signs in smoke-free premises and vehicles.
  • Be aware of the offences under the smoke-free legislation and the penalties.
  • Consider all the issues before erecting a smoking shelter.
  • Develop a written policy on smoking in the workplace.
  • Write a procedure for dealing with individuals who smoke in smoke-free premises and vehicles, and train staff to handle this situation.
  • Consider offering support to employees to stop smoking.