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How to stay in touch with employees on adoption leave

Authors: Katie Wood and Susie Munro


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  • Be aware that the Paternity and Adoption Leave Regulations 2002 provide that "reasonable contact" during the leave period is permitted.
  • Take into account that what is "reasonable" contact during adoption leave will vary according to the wishes of the individual employee, the position, the type of work and the length of the leave period.
  • Note that, regardless of seniority or type of work, no employee is obliged to maintain contact with the employer during adoption leave.
  • Agree the level of contact during the leave period, the types of issues that might be discussed, the means of contact and who will initiate it at a pre-adoption-leave interview.
  • Avoid any detriment to employees on adoption leave by offering the same opportunities for training, career development and promotion that other members of staff receive.
  • Take care that contact during the leave period does not lead to an employee feeling under pressure to return to work early.
  • Contact an employee on adoption leave during a redundancy or reorganisation exercise, or if there are any changes to the job.
  • Remember that, in a redundancy situation, an employee on adoption leave has the right to be offered any suitable alternative job that is available.