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Brazil: Equal opportunities

Updating authors: Patricia Barboza and Maury Lobo, CGM Advogados

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  • Statute prohibits employers from engaging in any discriminatory practice in employment and access to employment on certain grounds. (See General)
  • Difference in treatment on the prohibited grounds is permitted in certain circumstances. (See Exemptions)
  • Sexual harassment is a crime, and harassment on other protected grounds, such as race, may also be a criminal offence. (See Harassment and sexual harassment)
  • The law specifically permits (though does not require) employers to adopt temporary measures aimed at establishing equality for women and men, where these seek to correct "distortions" that affect women's vocational training, access to employment and general working conditions. (See Positive action)
  • The principal remedy available in respect of unlawful discrimination is damages for injury to feelings. (See Remedies and penalties)