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Brazil: Health and safety

Updating authors: Patricia Barboza and Maury Lobo, CGM Advogados

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  • Health and safety at work is subject to detailed legal and regulatory requirements. (See General)
  • Employers and employees have various duties regarding health and safety. (See Duties on employers and employees)
  • Employers must set up, in all establishments employing a certain minimum number of employees, an "internal accident prevention committee". (See Accident prevention committees)
  • The labour inspection department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, through its regional offices in each federal state, is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with health and safety legislation. (See Enforcement and penalties)
  • Employers are obliged to make contributions in respect of their employees to the public Occupational Accident Insurance scheme, which covers compensation for occupational accidents and illnesses. (See Compensation for injury or illness)
  • Unhealthy activities and operations are defined by statute as those that, because of the nature, conditions or methods of the work, expose employees to agents that are harmful to their health, if this exposure exceeds certain limits. (See Unhealthy and dangerous work)