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Czech Republic: Training and development

Original and updating authors: Jaroslav Škubal, Tereza Erényi and Daniel Vejsada, PRK Partners Prague

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  • Employers are required to provide employees with vocational training only in certain specific circumstances - otherwise, training and development are largely at the employer's discretion. (See General)
  • Employees are obliged, if required by their employer, to participate in training aimed at updating, maintaining and/or refreshing the skills/qualifications required to perform their current job. (See Updating and maintaining skills/qualifications)
  • By agreement with the employer, an employee may undertake a programme of studies to obtain a higher level of skills/qualifications, during which the employee is entitled to paid time off. (See Enhancing skills/qualifications)
  • There is no statutory employment-based system of initial vocational training/education, such as apprenticeship. (See Apprenticeships)
  • Internships are not considered to constitute employment and an intern must not perform productive work or receive any form of remuneration. (See Internships)